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Thank you for visiting the website of the Korea Orienteering Federation.


Orienteering is a sport that competes to find and return to a target point hidden in an unknown terrain as quickly as possible using a map and a compass. It can be played anywhere, including low mountains, valleys, hills, parks, schools, and towns, and is a very interesting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or gender, and develops the body and brain in a balanced way.


The Korea Orienteering Federation was established to contribute to the promotion of national sports through the dissemination and development of orienteering. Orienteering education, experiences, and competitions are held throughout the year in city and provincial federations and clubs belonging to this federation.


This website was created to provide a variety of information on orienteering education, experiences, and competitions held at home and abroad, and for smooth communication between athletes and club members. We ask for your interest and use of this website to help the spread and development of orienteering, and we hope that you will be blessed with health and happiness through the orienteering movement.


Thank you.


Sangsu Kim,  Chairman of Korea Orienteering Federation